How to Build an Email List for Your Clothing Business

If you have a clothing business, you’ve probably realized that it’s important to build your customer base over time.

One of the best ways to build your customer base is to build an email list.

Here are three ways you can build an email list for your clothing business.

Method #1: Ask For Your Customers’ Email Address When They Buy

You would be surprised how many e-commerce sites forget to ask their customers for their email address on the checkout page. If you aren’t already doing this, the first thing you can do is ask for your customers’ email address on your checkout page.

If you’re worried that this will decrease conversions, you can forget about that worry right now. Most research shows that asking for an email address does not decrease the conversion of an order page.

Method #2: Advertise Your Clothing Business On Google

You can use Google Adwords to purchase visitors who will go directly to your website. You can pick the keywords that you want to advertise on, and when people search for those keywords, they will be shown a link to your website.

This is a great way to get additional subscribers to your email list, because any increase in visitors is likely to increase your subscribers as long as you have an opt-in form on your clothing website.

Method #3: Join a Traffic Exchange

There are many websites out there called “traffic exchanges,” which let you get traffic for free to your website. The basic idea behind a traffic exchange is you do some action or click on something or view some ads, and then other people will view your ad.

In another article, I’ll describe the pros and cons of all the different traffic exchanges out there, but for today, I’ll keep it simple: Do a search for “Traffic Exchange” on Google and sign up for the top 10.

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